The Institute will publish research insights, research reports, academic papers, working papers, articles and interviews that will focus on the current prosperity and competitiveness level of India and its states and other Asian countries and the strategies that would help them to enhance their current and future prosperity levels. Moreover, the research reports and academic papers will encompass subjects such as city prosperity, state prosperity, global prosperity, creative city economies, creative state economies, prosperity and competitiveness of countries in the Asian region and other relevant topics.

Another goal of the newly established Institute is to train interested scholars on various topics on competitiveness such as Creative Economies, Prosperity and Competitiveness, Creative Regional Strategies, and Creative Cities.

The Prosperity Institute of India also plans to provide advisory services to the government bodies, private organisations, corporations, and, multilateral and bilateral organizations in the region. This work will be led by the directors of the MPI and the Institute for Competitiveness including Prof. Richard Florida, Dr. Amit Kapoor, and Dr. Kevin Stolarick, the MPI’s research director.

The Institute will also organize conferences and other events to discuss India’s and other Asian countries’ creativity and prosperity.